Throughout the year, popular festivals draw locals and visitors alike to enjoy the local traditions and folklore differentiating the towns of Alcanar and Les Cases d’Alcanar.

Predominantly rural in character, the town of Alcanar celebrates the Feast of St. Anthony in January with the colourful ‘ball de mantons’, a variant of the dance known as the ‘jota’, with the latter declared a cultural asset of national interest by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia’s Department of Culture. The Feast of St Isidore the Farmer is celebrated on 15 May with traditional bull-runs known as ‘correbous’ also recognised as cultural assets of national interest.

The seaside neighbourhood of Les Cases d’Alcanar holds summer festivals in homage to St. Peter, the patron saint of fisherman, with a traditional boat parade taking place on 29 June, as well as celebrations in honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on 16 July with the singing of ‘Haveneres’ sailors’ songs and partaking of burned rum ‘cremat de rom’ in the port. Around 15 August, neighbourhood festivals also gradually come to enliven the port area with the daily nighttime festivities and ‘bous a l’aigua’ seaside bull-runs drawing crowds.

The local tourist council also schedules an activities calendar each year in celebration of the summer season running from June to October, with leisure events such as open-air film screenings, Mussels Day, Tourism Day, an angling contest, a Mediterranean contest and an antique car show.

October then brings a highly anticipated festivals celebrated jointly by both towns’ inhabitants in honour of Alcanar’s beloved patron saint, the Virgin of el Remei, and that are widely celebrated every five years, years ending with a 4 or a 9, during the so-called “Quinquennals”, festivals that form part of Catalonia’s festive heritage.