The Alcanar clementine

“When we first approach Alcanar, we’re stunned by the beauty of the clementine trees that fill the municipality and seem to have no end. In the spring, we stop the car and lower the windows to smell the sweet fragrance of the clementine blossoms. In the summer the green clementines begin to grow promising sweetness. In the autumn, the full and bright fruits, that hope to be collected under the sun, fill the fields with colour and, in the winter, finally, there’s the long-awaited and pleasant reward. This is Alcanar, a place where landscape, tradition and gastronomy come together once again corroborating the saying that people shape the landscape through farming, but in the long run this same landscape ends up shaping people’s character. Therefore, to understand this town’s and its people’s character, it is only necessary to smell, taste and feel the texture of one of its most prized jewels: the Alcanar clementines”.

FUNDACIÓ ALÍCIA, La clementina d’Alcanar a la cuina. Onada Edicions, 2014 – Col∙lecció La Teca, 12, p. 10

Jornades Gastronomiques Clementina


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